Saturday 25 September 2010

last photos of the Doodle Draw exhibition at Hamilton House September

more photos from exhibition

more photos of the Doodle Draw exhibition

The exhibition was put up in the shop space of Hamilton House on stokes croft. People came in and out and liked the show and we had big drawings from the emporium workshops which we drew back into. I like how drawings can grow and get more intense when you do that.

The Doodle-Draw Exhibition September 2010

We made an exhibition of a selection of the work made during the workshops we have run. Here are some photos of the exhibition. Tervel came and did some live drawing of his invented characters on the wall and we exhibited his sketchbooks in cabinets. Punky Paul finished a very impressive painting of a head. We were really happy with the exhibition and the variety of work kids in St. Pauls, street drinkers and Big Issue Vendors and people in emporium had done. These are the photos of Tervel drawing with paint pens. He did these without any planning or penciling in first!

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Devenias bear Pig Man drawings

Devenia and Beenie have been drawing a character called Bear Pig Man, who lives in a cave with his family. They have a lot of fierce animals who guard their home.
Devenia's Bear Pig Man has a very impressive face. And I love the colours.